Module 2

What Is Citizen Journalism?

Since you are probably already blogging and using social media, chances are you already have some idea as to what citizen journalism means.  That being said, this concept of citizen journalism is still developing and emerging, particularly when compared and contrasted with the “mainstream media.”

A lot of questions still remain about the benefit, quality, and future of citizen journalism in covering important world events and shaping the production and consumption on news.  Take a look at this Al-Jazeera program below (parts 1 and 2) on citizen journalism and then weigh in on where you find yourself in the debate.

Additional Resources:

Your Assignment:

Search the internet for what you would consider a credible and valuable source of citizen journalism, either an individual or organization.  Post a comment and provide a link to this source with a 5-7 sentences explaining why you think this source is an example of citizen journalism and why you find it to be credible and valuable.

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