Ahimsa Center
The Ahimsa Center was established in 2004 in the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The Center is focused on interdisciplinary teaching and learning about nonviolence and its practical applications at various levels: personal, interpersonal, societal, national and international. Educational and outreach initiatives of the Center facilitate an understanding of ahimsa as a positive force informing the ways of thinking as well as living.

Center for Inspired Teaching
Center for Inspired Teaching invests in teachers to ensure that schools make the most of children’s innate desire to learn.

Center for Nonviolent Communication
The Center for Nonviolent Communication is a global organization that supports the learning and sharing of NVC, and helps people peacefully and effectively resolve conflicts in personal, organizational, and political settings.

Educators for Social Responsibility
Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) works directly with educators to implement systemic practices that create safe, caring, and equitable schools so that all young people succeed in school and life, and help shape a safe, democratic and just world.

Hague Appeal for Peace (Global Campaign for Peace Education)
The Hague Appeal for Peace is an international network of organizations and individuals dedicated to the abolition of war and making peace a human right. The Global Campaign for Peace Education was launched at the Hague Appeal for Peace conference in May 1999. After the conference, Hague Appeal for Peace took the responsibility of coordinating the Campaign.

International Center on Nonviolent Conflict
The mission of ICNC is to develop an understanding and encourage the use of civilian-based, nonviolent action to establish and defend human rights, justice, and democratic self-rule.

Metta Center for Nonviolence
Metta is a collaborator, advisor, and active participant in the nonviolent movement. We work to raise consciousness about nonviolence, and serve as a catalyst in the shift toward a nonviolent paradigm.

One World Education
One World Education (OWEd) is a non-profit organization that works with students and educators to improve learning and literacy in schools and communities.  The mission of One World Education is to promote global awareness, literacy, and meaningful citizenship with educational resources that give voice to youth perspectives on culture and global issues.

The Ophelia Project
The Ophelia Project serves youth and adults who are affected by relational and other non-physical forms of aggression by providing them with a unique combination of tools, strategies and solutions. To achieve long-term systemic change, we help build capabilities to measurably reduce aggression and promote a positive, productive environment for all.

Peace Education Foundation
Educating children and adults in the dynamics of conflict and promote skills of peacemaking in our homes, schools, community, the nation, and the world.

Teaching for Change
Teaching for Change provides teachers and parents with the tools to transform schools into centers of justice where students learn to read, write and change the world.

Training for Change
Since 1992 Training for Change has been committed to increasing capacity around the world for activist training. When we say activist training, we mean training that helps groups stand up more effectively for justice, peace and the environment. We deliver skills directly that people working for social change can use in their daily work.

Teaching Tolerance
Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance is dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences for our nation’s children.We provide free educational materials to teachers and other school practitioners in the U.S. and abroad.

United Nations Cyber School Bus
The United Nations Cyberschoolbus offers informative and interactive educational materials to a global audience.

United States Association for the University for Peace
In our ‘education and training for peace’ programs we strive to advance peace education at home and abroad.  We engage elementary school teachers and administrators in our own backyard – the Washington D.C. public school system.  As a result of our efforts, both teachers and students are equipped with practical skills for preventing and resolving conflicts and building peace in their communities.

Vision to Peace Project
Our mission is to support youth, communities and organizations in working toward safety and peace through creative community action, rather than dependence on policing, prisons, and punitive policies.The Visions to Peace Project uses arts, media, education, and organizing to foster and strengthen youth-led action for peace.

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