Brandywine Peace Community

The Brandywine Peace Community (BPC) is a peace activist group located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.   They were founded in 1977 as a response to the Vietnam War. BPC is committed to war resistance, disarmament and public education. They are known for holding several nonviolent, direct action campaigns against Lockheed Martin, the world’s #1 weapons corporation. Throughout the year they conduct several nonviolent protests, civil disobedience workshops and meetings to promote peace and encourage disarmament.  I learned about the BPC while attending one of their meetings over Spring Break in Philadelphia, PA.

The BPC is a community resource for all ages because everyone should be aware and involved in the peace movement. Majority of their meetings consist of older people who are well-known in their community however their organization is open to the public. In addition, they have several committees such as the educational committee who reach out to students in the community and try to educate them on peace education and war resistance.

As a community member you could join a peace organization in your own neighborhood or establish your own peace organization group. If you don’t live in Pennsylvania you can use the Brandywine Peace Community as a resource/network for peace activism.  They have a website where they post all their events and how to get involved in the peace movement. Whether you join a peace organization or start your own organization group it does require some time, research and commitment on your part. Obviously if you start your own peace organization it may take more time and research then just joining an existing peace organization.

Participatory and direct action are types of peace education supported by the Brandywine Peace Organization. This resource does require some time, commitment and physical action. By attending one of the Brandywine Peace Community meetings you will gain knowledge on civil disobedience, weapons disarmament, and how to become a peace activist. If you are interested check out their website or attend on of their meetings!



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