The Anatomy of Peace

The “Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict” is a book that has also been created into a learning experience conference. The Anatomy of Peace allows readers and class participants to learn how to address problems and conflicts that exist at work, in the family or community. The Anatomy of Peace addresses the issue in that we may mistakenly put blame onto external circumstances instead of looking inward. Only by fostering a personal, inner peace can we find ways to resolve the exterior conflicts.


The different Principles of Non-Violence explained in The Anatomy of Peace:

-Every human being is a person – a being with hopes, needs, cares, and fears.

-When we regard others’ hopes, needs, cares and fears as inferior to, or less legitimate than, our own, we see others as less than they are – as objects rather that as people.

-To see a fellow person as an inferior object is to harbor a hard and violent heart toward that person.

-To see others as objects, then, is to do violence to them – it is to strike them with stoney hearts.

-When others detect violence in our hearts, they tend to become defensive and to see us as objects. Violence in one heart provokes violence in others.

-Most occasions of outward violence are manifestations of a prior, and often escalating, conflict between violent hearts. And attempts to curb violence, if done with a violent heart, actually provoke further violence.

-Any effort to reduce outward violence will succeed only to the extent that it addresses the prior and core problem – and the problem of violent hearts.

The Anatomy of Peace Course:

Different courses are offered so that people can be taught different ways to help apply the different principles taught in the book. The class offers dialogue to deeper broaden the different relationships. The course is either taught in a full day, 8 hour conference, or via telephone for 1 hour each week.

             The Anatomy of Peace Group Coaching course will develop a heart at peace and make real, noticeable improvements in relationships.

There is actually an Anatomy of Peace 8-Week Course by Phone being offered from May 16th-July 11th. Go here to find out more information and to register:

Here is a TedX talk video  from James Ferrell. Ferrell is a founding partner of The Arbinger Institute. The Arbinger Institute is the producer of The Anatomy of Peace. Ferrell talks about Resolving the Heart of Conflict, an overarching theme in the Anatomy of Peace and non-violent conflict.



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