Teachers without Borders

While surfing the internet on Peace Education programs, I came across Teachers without Borders.  I began to read what this program was about and I was instantly intrigued.  The first thing that caught my eye on the website was the quote “helping teachers promote peace in their classrooms and communities.”  Teachers without Borders is a program that focuses on getting peace education into classrooms all around the world.

The mission of Teachers without Borders is “Teachers without Borders connects teachers to information and each other to create local change on a global scale.”

Teachers without Borders is directed at educators and is a program that can be utilized within the classroom. The site has an entire page dedicated to teacher programs and can be found here: http://teacherswithoutborders.org/programs/teacher-programs

I think that this program can be implemented by teachers in schools because if they read up on and follow the techniques talked about on the website they could use it and make drastic changes.  I think the first step in peace education is getting more teachers on board and exposing them to what peace education is all about.  The more willing educators are to expose themselves and their students to peace education the easier it will become to spread peace not only in local communities, but communities around the world.

There are so many resources that this program has to offer!  http://teacherswithoutborders.org/resources#

Not only would teachers benefit from this program, but students would too!  The students can discover new knowledge and skills through Teachers without Borders, and although it may take a little more time it would be well worth it because they’re developing new techniques.  Aside from Teachers without Borders being for educators and students there is also a need for volunteers which are just as important.

There are so many programs right in front of educators, so why isn’t Peace Education a more prevalent subject?  For any educators or students that come across this blog, check out http://teacherswithoutborders.org/ now!

Check out this video about Teachers without Borders! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg9lnE8Buy4

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