The Embassy Adoption Program

I used this resource as an example of peace education for our most recent paper we had assigned and became extremely interested in the program ever since.

The Embassy Adoption Program works with public schools in the Washington DC to bring global education to DC public schools through DC’s international community. Since 1974, the Embassy Adoption Program works with 5th and 6th graders to engage with the concept of global education in various classrooms. The concept of the program is that a certain class is “adopted” by an embassy, establishing a connection within the local and international community. Students will then spend an entire year engaged in programs that enhance in cultural competency, increase cultural communication skills, and help children understand local and global communication. 

“Program highlights include classroom sessions, hosted by embassy representatives, field trips to gain hands-on experience with their adopted culture, a final presentation demonstrating acquired knowledge for the ambassador and embassy representatives, and mini United Nations event held between all DC public schools Embassy Adoption classrooms.” 

This program is delivered towards the educational community within DC’s public schools. The Embassy Adoption Program demonstrates innovative practices in the field of global education and offers students a variety of challenging activities. Students are partnered up with community members that strive for a better and more globalized education. The classes that are chosen within the DC area expand in pedagogical boundaries by moving students outside of the classroom. The students are able to travel to cultural centers, museums, and also restaurants to gain experience with their “adopted” culture. This is a wonderful way to be globally inclined by allowing the youth to be engaged with others around the world and within the community. 


I would think an educator would be extremely interested in this program, since it offers several different attributes toward global education. An educator would incorporate the concept of community building and the remaining pillars of peace education. Since the program already sets the attitude of being culturally inclined and allows students to engage with others in various environments aside from the classroom, the students should then gain a better understanding in peace education itself. In order to strengthen this resource, I strongly believe that the program be expanded outside the DC area. Several cities, aside from DC should be involved with the The Embassy Adoption Program because it offers students the wonderful opportunity to grasp various cultures and innovative surroundings. 


  • Enhance students’ cultural competency
  • Increase cross-cultural communication skills
  • Aid students’ understanding of their local and global communities
  • Offer students a variety of challenging themes and programs
  • Partner with community members who demand better schools

The Embassy Adoption Program moves away from the mainstream or tradition approaches by allowing the students within the DC area to engage in cultural experiences with people abroad. The program places students in different communities and allows them to gain a life changing experience. It’s as if the students are having the great opportunity of studying abroad and understand cultural and global topics at such a young age. This displays the understanding that our time and generations have changed; we must transition to a more globally enhanced society.  


The Embassy Adoption Program is a compelling opportunity that could only exist in the District of Columbia, and at DC Public Schools. It is an opportunity to expand students’ global understanding, increase interactive programming options, and continue on that road to becoming the highest performing urban district in the nation.

Two stakeholders that may be able to benefit from this post would be the DC school systems and specific students with the strive and motivation to be involved in the Embassy Adoption Program. This way, students in different regions throughout the US can partake in this this extraordinary program. My post will be able to reach out to the DC public system to attempt in changing the policy and allowing more regions to be involved in the program. 


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