One House of Peace

One House of Peace is a nonprofit organization which provides services to youth through classes, workshops and retreats. They teach practical tools to help people manage their emotions and stress to resolve conflict in their lives. Their main program, Peace in Schools provides resources which are practiced in schools, youth shelters, and social service agencies around the country. Details can be found on their website,

I believe the practices and resources of One House of Peace is best placed for middle and high school students in public education. The awareness and meditation practices can be implemented in classrooms and workshops. These skills can help students focus better in the classroom and empower teens in the community.

An educator may incorporate the initiative “Peace In Schools” through mindfulness exercises, group circles, or individual based therapy. Meditation practices can be used in the classroom daily or referred to as a service in the school. By looking at the Peace Value Model, peace conflicts can be resolved through regular self-analysis of the conflicting situations. It is important to solve conflicts at the individual level to achieve peace at the societal level as well. Educators can provide students with mindfulness activities, but also provide private consultations for teens experiencing individual conflict.

The awareness practices and different meditation programs in this organization will enable students to have a better understanding of how to effectively deal with stress, learn to have healthier relationships with themselves and others. Students also develop skills that will help them focus and be more engaged in the classroom. Mindfulness programs in peace education helps teens with self-awareness and emotional resilience which are key tools in a time when school violence is so widespread.

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