My Journey with peace Education

If we think of pedagogy as the “the art of teaching.” One of teaching methods is sharing the untold stories like my story .Stories matter as D.r. Sara Cobb said’ stories have gravitas; they are grave. They have weight. They are concrete.

“I believe personally in the storytelling as a way of teaching and learning.”As practitioner and peace-builder. I prefer to read any book about conflict resolution that presents stories and link them to theories, to engage the reader and present the ideas of the book in an engaging manner. Linking the practice and the theory together is my version for better peace education and this is what I will try to elaborate on today.

2 thoughts on “My Journey with peace Education

  1. How wonderful to learn about people who are carrying on the work of peace education.
    i was an early leader in peace education – wrote many curricular for educators, and held hundreds of workshops in the U.S, Europe, and around the world.
    Now that i’m in my eighties I am working on a series of stories for young children, ages 4-9 –
    Gopher Peace and the Peace Rangers. (Looking for a publisher.)

    All you peace educators out there – keep up your much needed work.
    Peace, Fran Schmidt

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