Global Climate Change

This posting will speak about the current state of climate change and how it is affecting our world on a global scale. The resource that was used to put together this post was the UN website ( This information is brought to you directly through the United Nations web page to demonstrate how critical this situation is. Not only does this article talk about the affects of climate change on our worlds surface and atmosphere, but it also explains how climate change is affecting our global economies and finances. Climate change is can not be taken lightly anymore and with the proper information, we can all do our part to stop it.

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This resource is well suited for younger readers such as middle school students and can easily be adapted to any other age group. The subject of climate change is more important now than ever before due to the rise of our population and energy consumption and it is critical that everyone has a working understanding of this problem. Its for this reason that this resource can be used in a formal setting as well as an informal setting. It is also compatible with a variety of community groups such as global activists and university professors. Anyone who cares to understand our global climate has access to this resource.

Educators can incorporate and use this resource very easily throughout their academic career by simply visiting the source and summarizing its information. Simply type the URL into the search or browser section of an internet application and follow the link to this resource. The subject of climate change can be a simple concept to demonstrate and requires little materials and logistics when being explained or lectured on. Useful materials for educating about climate change would be the use of global statistics of the effects of climate change and the use of field studies can also be utilized. This resource can also be combined with other methods of teaching such as adding this subject into a science or environmental class. This method would be useful because it would be incorporated into the agenda of most educational institutions.

This resource can inspire many people to become engaged with climate change and that is the beginning of where we need to be on this subject. The amount of knowledge and skills learned by using this resource are almost limitless due to the nature of the situation of climate change. It would be incredibly engaging for anyone who is studying climate change and using this resource. Conflict resolution would be the most important type of peace education learned from this resource. It would encourage more people to want to act on this crisis rather than just let someone else handle it.

The two stakeholders that would be interested in this resource would be non-profit organizations and journalists. Non-profit groups would benefit due to the fact that this issue can be dealt with without the need for massive funding. These groups can spread the word of climate change and that alone will encourage the population to act. Journalists can also benefit from this resource due to their wide range of audiences. Journalists have the tools to get this message across in a wider and more broad range than any other contributor. However, anyone who is truly interested in making a difference in climate change will find this resource interesting and would be more than willing to spread the word about this crisis.

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