Peace Education of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi’s message of peace, love, forgiveness, and nonviolence is being ignored in some people, although it is still in all over the world. Gandhi was untiring and indomitable beloved idol for isolated weak class of people in India.

As violation is from people’s avarice, teaching of Gandhi should be in the education philosophy. Gandhi wanted to colonized people to be free from colonialism. Gandhi wanted to Asia and Africa to be free from colonialism. Leaders in United States and South Africa and several countries was successfully adopted Gandhi’s nonviolent values, but not in Asia.

The ideas of religious of Gandhi could de-escalate the conflict between different religions. According to Gandhi, “a curriculum of religious instruction should include a study of the tenets of faiths other than one’s own. For this purpose, the students should be trained to cultivate the habit of understanding and appreciating the doctrines of various great religions of the world in a spirit of reverence and broad-minded tolerance. This, if properly done, would help to give them a spiritual assurance and a better appreciation of their own religion. This study of other religions besides one’s own will give one a grasp of the rock-bottom unity of all religions, and afford a glimpse also of that universal and absolute Truth which lies beyond the ‘dust of creeds and faiths.’”

There was war between India and Pakistan, Iran and Iraq war. These wars destroy livelihood and made casualties. ASEAN region was the region where is the most peaceful region, except for the Rohingya community in Myanmar. They failed to assimilate and accept Rohingya community people.

For this article, stakeholders can be any countries which still in conflict such as Myanmar. Myanmar has conflict with Rohingya community, they do not consider Rohingya community people with Myanmar nationalities. I think the Myanmar government should embrace Rohingya community as a minority. People who are interested in peace education could get benefit from this article. This resource is well suited for all age of people and both gender who is interested in peace, and some countries which is still in conflict. Gandhi is a symbol of peace in the whole world, and his teaching of non-violence and peace is the best sources.


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Gandhi’s photo from

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