I found this very short video on YouTube.  They do sell the full video online at a cost. My inspiration for choosing this specific one was the fact that in my elementary school there were numerous bullies and certain kids were targeted.


Although the video only lasts a little over four minutes it does hit some key points.  I feel it would be best placed in a certain grade level. That grade level would be 1st grade-4thgrade.  It’s important that young kids learn how to solve their problems effectively and efficiently.  I wish I had been able to learn these type of skills in at a younger age than I did. I feel it would have been beneficial for me but for others as well. At the end of the day, I do feel that they fit better in the Montessori setting, rather than the public school system.

Implementation: I understand that there is a purpose to Montessori schools compared to public schools.  My implementation would be to take the peace education section and somehow implement it in the public school place.  As far as getting ready and prepared to teach this, the teacher from the Montessori school could do a workshop with the public school teacher and walk her through the steps.  When it comes to time preparation, perhaps 10-15 hours of  training for each teacher would be appropriate. I think a great way to do that, would be to cut out an hour a week and focus on peace education. I think it would be very beneficial.  When it comes to the use of pedagogies, I think that using the allotted time and real time situations would be successful. During the allotted time, they could learn the material and substance. In real time, if there was an incident, they could be reminded of what they have learned and hopefully use it.

Goal- I think the basics of peace education are most supported.This would be very beneficial for these young kids to learn. Even though it wouldn’t go to far into detail, the students would learn numerous skills and knowledge. They would learn about self-awareness, environmental awareness, cultural awareness, and community awareness.  By learning bits and pieces of each of those, hopefully they would be able to learn more about them selves and others.  At the end of the day, they will hopefully be able to be more aware of their surroundings and adapt to them better. They will learn to be responsible and take responsibility for their actions as well.

Audience- I sent this to a past teacher of mine from Elementary school and a neighbor from home who specializes in youth peer mediation training.


Peace Education

1. Content. The resource is a program called PEACE. It is based out of communties in Mexico. I found out about the PEACE program through a friend in Ithaca, NY, whos friend worked on the program her self in Mexico.

2. Context. I believe this would be best implemented in a troubled area, perhaps at a youth center that kids attended. The age level would be between 5-10 years old, the younger we can teach these kids, the better off they will be. I will say for example in downtown Ithaca, this would be a great program, there are some under privvlaged kids and ones who get started on the wrong track, where this could make a big difference. When I was in high school I use to volunteer down at one of the youth centers and it was interesting to see the kids who came through those doors. A program like this would do wonders.

3. Implementation: As far as implementing this program, they should look at the website and see the programs on there. Something they emphasize is the community and being aware of their surroundings. If they were able to get local organizations involved that would be very helpful. Team building activties and real life scenarios would also be great to use in this instance, there is no better way to learn then hands on.

I wouldn’t put a timetable on it. I think it would be best to try out and see where it goes from there. Obviously lesson planning would be helpful so it can be structured and organized.

4. Goal-            I think that one on one peace education is vital here, as well as peace towards the community. They do specify on individuals, but also to respect the community and your surroundings.

The young kids would be able to obtain numerous skills from this program. They would learn how to have a better outlook on life and problems that come towards them every day. I feel they would have a better understanding of them selves as well as others. I think they would be able to look at conflicts from a different angle then before and make a solid solution to the problem at hand.

Audience. I have shared this post with one of the leaders at the community center I volunteered at. I also shared it with one of the peer mediatiors at my middle school that I attended.