From its humble beginnings to now becoming an international fad, Yoga is making an impact on not only the body, mind, and soul, but in Peace Education. In a never ending attempt to revamp and expand peace education programs, Yoga has wiggled its way into bringing peace to individuals and communities that would not otherwise be able to find such outlets.

With a practice that requires high volumes of focus, yoga programs like that of YogaKids allows education in a traditional classroom setting to shift into something more. The goal of programs like YogaKids is to create better creativity, behavior, and energy in children starting at a young age.

According to their program results, students can obtain higher understanding of curriculum, focus in class, less anxiety, and higher creativity among other things.

To find a Yoga Kids teacher in the area, just click the link and input your information:

Not only can you find a teacher, but you can become one yourself:

However, yoga in Peace Education does not stop just with the children. These types of programs encompass every level of circumstance.

Higher education has gotten in on peace through yoga as well. Butler University has created workshops to learn how to become an expert in peace through yoga. The 200 hour certifies students to become instructors. Each student of the program attains an understanding of meditation and mindful techniques.

The goal of such programs and yoga in general is to find inner peace. When this has been attained, then approaches to conflict can be found in healthier and more nonviolent manners, or avoided at all. 

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