Peace and Freedom through the Art of Theatre

The Freedom Theatre is an organization that advocates freedom and peace through theatre arts. The organization was initially run by Arna Mer  Khamis—a Jewish woman who has been working with the Palestinians regarding the trauma of violence caused by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The organization does a lot of projects with Palestinian kids who are traumatized by the conflict. It located in the Northern part of West Bank. The Freedom Theatre’s projects include the young generation to learn the art of acting, and through it they express their hardship and their everyday experience being Palestinian adolescences. The organization contains of drama workshops, acting school, applied theatre, productions, and performances. The expression of their trauma and feelings through this art form has done positive things to these kids.



Theatre art of peace and freedom could be used to heal or educate kids from around the world that are struggling with hardships of any kind. Home problems, violent neighborhoods, segregation, bullying, war are some types of settings where the program could work. Kids age 8 through 20 may be the more ideal learners of this form of peace-building.



By using emotional intelligences and multiple intelligences, a facilitator could run this program and apply to struggling communities. It requires absolute open-mindedness and support to implement this. Kids who express their feeling want to be heard. They want to be healed. Expression needs to be followed up by support and caring in order for healing to work.


Teachers in violent inner city neighborhoods and international peace-builders are the most ideal educators to utilize this form of healing.



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